The Mission

WATCH  how BERESHEET will orbit the Earth in elliptical orbits and will travel 6.5 million kilometers - the longest distance ever travelled to the moon. During these orbits, the she will raise its orbit around Earth until it reaches the proximity of the moon. When she is in lunar orbit, about 10 days before landing, she  will orbit it until the appropriate time and an autonomous landing process will begin. The route will take about two months until the expected landing on April 11, 2019. 

Interesting Facts

Beresheet - is the first private initiative Spacecraft to land on the moon 

Beresheet is the smallest spacecraft by weight. 

Beresheet was developed and constructed at a low cost of  $100 million.

Beresheet will make the longest journey until landing on the moon.

Main Challenges

Communication at long distances

Locating the spacecraft precisely

The rotation of the spacecraft

Extreme temperatures



Navigate with no GPS

Autonomous operation

Requires precise initial location

“Blind” landing

Never tested

Very low redundancy

Landing on the Moon

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