SpaceIL aspires to advance the discourse on science and engineering in Israel and to acquaint the young generation with the exciting opportunities in their future. Through the anticipation and preparation for the historic landing on the moon of an Israeli spacecraft, our non-profit organization motivates students of all ages and sectors – both male and female – to broaden their knowledge in science, technology, engineering and mathematics; and fosters entrepreneurship and innovation. Contemplating ‘the day after’, SpaceIL strives to enhance the quality of education, to close educational gaps in the Israeli society and to provide the graduates of the educational system with the tools they will need in order to thrive in the 21st century.

The SpaceIL moon landing project serves as a source of inspiration and as fertile ground for a long-term impact on the next generation we hope that they as well will :


SpaceIL strives to serve as a source of inspiration for the future generation, and to change the discourse in Israel in order to attract youths and encourage them to choose science, engineering and entrepreneurship, and to recognize the exceptional and exciting opportunities achievable through STEM education. To this end, SpaceIL has developed educational programs for various age groups, which operate on several levels: exposure, leverage, and in-depth processes. We aim to expose our programs to a broad and diverse audience; we collaborate with strategic partners in the various sectors in order to leverage the capabilities of all of those taking part; and to develop programs that provide students with the opportunity to experience in-depth processes that stimulate complex thinking, generate interest and arouse curiosity.
SpaceIL has chosen to focus on elementary, and particularly middle-school children, who will soon be required to make a decision concerning their future study.

A  dedicated group of volunteers deliver professional lectures to schools all over Israel and to  the broad public. 

We aim to expose our program to a wide and diverse audience. 

We seek partnerships that will enable us to multiply the resources we invest and leverage our partners' educational and operational infrastructure. We develop programs that will expose the students to deep, complex, and intriguing questions, but also understand that we need to balance between depth and high exposure.

We aim to inspire more kids to be scientists and engineers, which is why we focus on middle school students just before they decide the course of study that will impact their entire career path.

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