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Morris Kahn


Morris Kahn was born in South Africa in 1930 and made Aliyah in 1957.  Morris and his partners established Israel’s “Yellow Pages”. He founded some of Israel’s leading communication and hi-tech companies, including Amdocs, Golden Channels and AIG (Israel). As an avid diver (and member of the Sea Space Symposium), his passion for the sea and its preservation led him to establish Coral World – an international company managing several underwater observatories.  He created “Zalul”, a non-profit foundation that works to clean and preserve Israel’s rivers and the ocean. Morris is involved in wide range of philanthropic activity focusing on education, leadership, health, science and environment. His vision and deep commitment to changing paradigms is represented in his support of many meaningful projects collectively aimed at making the world a better place for generations to come. He takes great pride in the Youth Leadership Program -LEAD – which will develop the future generations of leaders.

Achi Krauz


Achi Krauz is a leading cyber military specialist with over 20 years' experience of achieving excellence in technological innovation.

Achi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Halo Digital - a high-tech startup founded in 2015 which develops a hardware and software platform to digitally transform complex industrial zones. 

Prior to this, Achi served in the Prime Minister's Office. During this time, he led several major departments and large-scale attack-focused projects which identified and took advantage of critical exploits in industrial manufacturing. Due to his advanced expertise in this field, he was later appointed, by the Government, to lead on the defense efforts of national critical infrastructure.

Achi studied Physics, Biology and Philosophy, at Ben Gurion and Tel Aviv Universities.

Professor Daniel Zajfman

Public Board Member

Born in Belgium in 1959, Daniel Zajfman moved to Israel in 1979. He received a B.Sc. and Ph.D. in atomic physics from the Technion Institute of Technology. In 1991, he joined the Weizmann Institute of Science’s Particle Physics Department. He was appointed associate professor in 1997 and full professor in 2003. Since March 2001, he has been an external member of the Max Planck Institute of Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, Germany, and in 2005, he was appointed Director of that institute. In November 2006, Zajfman was elected the tenth President of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Arie Halsband

Public Board Member

Arie is the founder and CEO of  Effective Space Solutions, which develops innovative micro satellites that will serve communication satellites and is based on patented high power TFPV solar arrays. He has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Ben Gurion University and studied System Engineering at Tel-Aviv University’s School of Business Management. After gaining experience as an airborne systems designer, Arie joined the space program at the IAI/MBT division at its early phase in 1986, and has since served in various positions – Head of Department, Deputy Director of Engineering, and Director of the Space Technologies Directorate. In the years 2003-2006 Mr. Halsband served as the General Manager of an IAI subsidiary outside Israel, and from 2006 until 2011 served as General Manager of IAI’s MBT Space Division.  Arie is a member of the Israeli Governmental R&D space subcommittee.

Professor Isaac Ben-Israel

Public Board Member

Isaac Ben-Israel was born in Tel Aviv in 1949. Ben Israel served in the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and has held several posts in its operations, intelligence and weapon development units and is a two-time recipient of the Israeli Defence Award. In 1998 he was promoted to the rank of Major General and appointed as Director of the Defence R&D Directorate in the Ministry of Defence. In 2002 he joined the Tel Aviv University faculty as professor and head of the Curiel Center for International Studies. He was also head of the program for security studies and a member of the Jaffa Centre for Strategic Studies. He served as a Member of Knesset in the 17th Knesset and in 2011 founded the National Cyber Bureau in the PM Office.  He holds several advisory and board positions in academic institutions and corporate entities, including member of the R&D advisory board of TEVA and Chairman of the Technion Entrepreneurial Incubator. Since 2005 he serves as chairman of the Israel Space Agency.

Kobi Levi

Public Board Member

Kobi has 14 years of experience in a variety of key roles at the personnel-management corps in the Israeli Defense Forces. During these years he specialized in development of career advancement, promotion and retention methods of employees, writing guidelines and policies, as well as implementing the best human resource management practice methods both on group as well as on individual levels. Kobi is has an MA degree in Public Policy and volunteers as SpaceIL Board member and HR manager since 2010.

Ilan Lior

Public Board Member

Ilan Lior serves as the general counsel of Aurum Ventures M.K.I. Ltd., and is also a member of Aurum’s management team. Prior to joining Aurum, Ilan was a partner in a law firm where he headed the corporate and commercial practice group. Ilan is a graduate of Tel Aviv University joint bachelor program in Law and Economics (1997).

Dr. Lynne Harrison

US Board Member

Dr. Harrison is President of Harrison Research Laboratories, Inc., which she founded in 1981.  She was the founding president of the Dermal Clinical Evaluation Society and the founding editor of its journal.  Dr. Harrison has served as vice chair of the Hillel International Board of Directors and member of the Hillel International Board of Governors, and was named Hillel’s “Woman of the Year” in 2009. She is a board member of Friends of Israel Sci Tech, and founded the Dr. Lynne B Harrison Science Center at the New Jersey “Y” Camps, which offers specialty education to young Jewish campers in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Exercise Physiology and Astronomy.  The mother of 2 married daughters, Lynnehas 3 grandchildren. She makes world-class chicken soup.

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