Yariv Bash

As an electronics and computer engineer, Yariv gained vast technological experience as head of a staff engaged in research and development in electronics. Previously Yariv was responsible for the development and deployment of GPS-based advanced products. In his spare time, Yariv organizes creativity events focused on cutting-edge technologies made in Israel. Yariv holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

Kfir Damari

Kfir is an Israeli entrepreneur, engineer, researcher, lecturer, creative, proud geek. Kfir began programming at the age of 6 and wrote wrote his first computer virus at age 11. Kfir served in an elite intelligence corps in IDF focusing on cyber security, then pursued a B.Sc and M.Sc in communication system engineering from Ben Gurion University. Damari is also the co-founder of Tabookey, a cyber security startup. Prior to SpaceIL, Kfir led several R&D teams in various companies and held a few teaching positions in Ben Gurion University, Tel Aviv University and the College of Management.

Yonatan Winetraub

An Electrical Engineering master student and, graduate of space studies of the International Space University held at the NASA. He gained hands-on experience in space technologies by working as a satellite system engineer for the Israeli Aerospace Industries. Yonatan believes that it is important to nurture the next generation of space researchers and therefore taught high-school students space engineering.

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