Education Team

Kfir Damari

Co Founder & VP Education

Kfir is an Israeli entrepreneur, engineer, researcher, lecturer, creative, proud geek. Kfir began programming at the age of 6 and wrote wrote his first computer virus at age 11. Kfir served in an elite intelligence corps in IDF focusing on cyber security, then pursued a B.Sc and M.Sc in communication system engineering from Ben Gurion University. Damari is also the co-founder of Tabookey, a cyber security startup. Prior to SpaceIL, Kfir led several R&D teams in various companies and held a few teaching positions in Ben Gurion University, Tel Aviv University and the College of Management.

Hili Shapiro

Educational Volunteers Manager

Hili joined the educational team after a year and a half of volunteering within the organization, believing that the story of the spaceship does give motivation to students of all ages and an inspiration to dream big. Hili has experience in educational training in various frameworks; she is creative, has excellent interpersonal relations and adherence to the goal. Hili is a Law School (LL.B) and Business Administration (B.A.) student at the Interdisciplinary Center (I.D.C) Herzliya. Prior to joining the organization, Hili worked as an administrative manager and marketing specialist in two startups. She completed her military service with honors as anon-commissioned officer at IAF – Israeli Air Force.

Noa Katanov

Educational Project Manager

Noa joined SpaceIL to inspire the next generation to think differently about science and their world. She believes that education is the key to social change in Israel. Noa is a graduate of LEAD – a premier Israeli youth leadership development program. There she focused on starting a community center serving disadvantaged youth in Morasha (Ramat Hasharon). Noa has volunteered for a large number of nonprofits such as ‘Krembo Wings’ and ‘Reeim’. She has a background in project management and event production in the start-up and fashion industries. Noa has a Bachelors Degree in Law (LLB) and did her internship at the Ministry of Justice

Noa Margailt

Educational Project Manager

Noa officially Joined SpaceIL after producing the launch event of Beresheet in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Noa's background is very colorful and international, Starting as a musician and a restaurant owner in Tel Aviv from a young age she then independentelay managed projects and produced complicated events for major clients such as the Schusterman foundation(ROI), Routes Travel, The WJC, TOM global, Hadassah hospital, Joy ventures, KKL, Trump foundation, Kirsh family foundation and more…

Coming with an entrepreneurial and independent background and working in many fields such as high tech, business, music, theater and restaurants has made Noa an eclectic staff member, high resolution problem solver and a fine detailed manager.

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